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10-04-2017: UPDATE on the new G2.2 Bezel. Great news... found a new shop to cut our aluminum inserts and they are on their way to us presently. WE also found a new chrome shop that apparently is the best in the business...and after I explained the difficulty we've had with other chrome outfits, we sent them a couple of sample bezels... they agreed to help us out. That's the good news... because they are helping us out providing our customers with the highest quality of plastic chrome looking application, they informed us that our parts (24 at a time) won't take priority over existing larger projects, however they did promise to get them done as soon as they could and get them back to us as quickly as they can... they will be slipping these in among other larger chroming projects... needed to be upfront and honest.. we have everything we need to deliver this item... but have no control over speed of chroming and we cannot ask them to hurry... they are doing us a favor by taking on our products.... We've had orders backordered since January of this year... and I wish there was a faster solution but this is the right one to insure a quality part. Once they get rolling... we should be knocking these out between 30-60 days from order date... we're just not quite there yet... thanks for your patience.

HyePo G2 Deluxe Comp II White Hot Gauges on the Black Textured Bezel Cluster for '65 and '66 Mustangs

Talk about your contrast....

Product Description:
HyePo G2 Deluxe Bezel with the Black Textured Insert for 1965 and 1966 Mustangs bundled with Marshall Instruments Comp II LED Classic Black Gauge Set -

This is the Bold Bundle Indeed.

When you purchase the HyePo G2 Bezel and Gauges as a Bundle, you save money!


The HyePo G2 is 100% manufactured in the USA - In Central California.

  • The HyePo G2 6-Gauge Instrument Bezel is manufactured in Visalia, California
  • Marshall Instruments - High Quality and High Performance gauge sets are made Southern California.
  • Plasma Cut Aluminum inserts from Ontario, California
  • Beautiful Chrome Finish from Northern Las Vegas, Nevada.

You can get any more American Made than this!

Product Distinction: What Set's the HyePo 6-Gauge Mustang G2 Bezel Bundle Apart?

  • It is the only Original Looking 6-Gauge bezel for 1965 and 196 Mustangs available... Period!
  • It is not mass produced overseas by a huge corporate factory for volume sales.
  • It is not available anywhere else so there is no middleman markup.
  • It is made for Mustang owners by Mustang owners.
  • We only bundle our HyePo G2 Bezel with Made in the USA Gauges (not overseas, not China or Mexico)

Specifically, and without regard to cost, we developed the bezel to have certain attributes that were non-negotiable

  • The chromed-outlined patented Mustang eyebrow that sets off the instrument bezel above the gauges
  • The correct sized rectangle turn signal indicators
  • An inconspicuous high beam indicator lamp
  • A sturdy 1/4" platform to mount the gauges

Why the HyePo G2 Deluxe Bundle?

Because when I needed a 6-gauge setup for my '66 GT, nothing out there looked like it belonged in my Mustang.  Not the over-priced aluminum billet bezel, not the plastic bezel that copied the billet bezel and certainly not the cheap and flimsy vacuum-formed plastic bezel.  I put a 10's of Thousands of dollars into my restomod and I wasn't about to "Go Cheap" on the very first thing anyone sees when they sit behind the wheel (nor was I about to overpay for a chunk of metal that didn't look any more correct than its plastic counterparts). 

I not only wanted a gauge cluster that looked like it could have originally belonged there, but I wanted it to pop! and The HyePo G2 POPS!

For that reason alone, the HyePo Bezel exists today.

Reasons to Own a HyePo G2 Deluxe Bundle

  • Because it is the only correct looking bezel in existence.
  • Because when bundled with locally American Made precision gauges, its the best 6-gauge package available Looks and Cost.
  • Because you will not find a better looking setup with better quality gauges for even close to the price (search 66 Mustang 6 gauge cluster for proof)
  • Because the HyePo G2 Deluxe 6-Gauge bundles are fully assembled ready for wire and installation.
  • Because buying the Bundled Package Saves Money!!!!

Just look at the difference between the HyePo G2 Deluxe bezel and "theirs"...
I admit theirs looks good on its own... but ours looks fantastic by comparison!

...and when you buy theirs bundled with similar gauges, you will pay a lot more for the privilege.
The least expensive I saw was 784.00 on sale up towards 979.00... go look for yourself.

Neither the HyePo G2 bezels nor the Marshall gauges are sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased.  You will need to allow 2 to 3 weeks for your bezel & gauge bundle to be manufactured and assembled. All bundles are fully assembled and tested before shipping.  International orders (and Alaska & Hawaii) will incur an additional shipping charge (invoiced via PayPal). Ca residents subject to sales tax. 

Contact us if you have any questions prior to placing your order.

Additionally, you have some options to select from below: bezel design whether you need an electronic speedometer sending unit. 


Available Options:

Bezel Ring Options:

Speedometer Sender Options:

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